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Way Back When!

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I have drawn for as long as I can remember, I started by drawing any and everything I could find artistic merit in. I then discovered the medium of Sequential Art, I had always experimented with elements of sequential art but on one fateful day that I found a copy of Excalibur in my local newsagent my course was then set. Books like Bolland's "The Killing Joke" helped to reinforce my love of comic art. Through the years as my drawing skills continued to develop I continued looking for new ways to express my story telling skills because of my overactive imagination I always found it more fun developing new concepts rather than working on established ideas I often found myself re-designing existing concepts to add my own flavour; a trait that continues to this day.         

The gangs all here


At secondary school I studied Art/Design and Design/Communication in short anything that would allow me to follow my love of graphics. After leaving school I then enrolled at the school of Art and Design in Croydon. For two years I studied graphics I then went on two develop my Fine Art skills. Through Art College I knew Illustration was my strength so in leaving I knew this would be my area of expertise. I have spent the subsequent years developing my drawing skills and looking beyond the sequential art world for inspiration.    

Me and my Dragon
another fine Art Rookie mess