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Welcome to the TYRIAC DAWN!

Hi Guys allow me to introduce Tyr Dawn, imagine if you will a place were science and civilisation are evolving. Lets call this place Kush. Imagine that this civilisation has been visited by entities from another dimension................
Imagine also if you will that this civilisation has been shown the true extent that the mind body and soul can reach- and shown the means to combine all three.
War, conflict and famine follow this new level of conciousness as reason gives way to fear and ignorance. What then if the few who knew how to harness these gifts were wiped out.
Two millenia later society has risen once again- unlocking the gifts of the past and reaching new levels of conciousness.
What possibly could happen next?
This is the world of Tyr Dawn.

Race Night page 1
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Tyriac Dawn characters and logo are the property of Aundrey Smith (ArtRookie)